Welded Gabion Box

Welded gabion box is a kind of stone basket which consists of pre-assembled welded mesh panels. It’s mainly for wall retaining, anti-soil erosion, garden decoration, rockfall protection.

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Welded gabion box is a kind of stone basket which consists of pre-assembled welded mesh panels. It’s mainly for wall retaining, anti-soil erosion, garden decoration, rockfall protection. Welded mesh panels require every point will be connected well through the welding process. Compared with the woven gabion box, its connection is more sturdy and strong. Besides, the welding mesh panels will also make their appearance smooth and modern. This will be a great advantage in the garden wall construction. It will be involved well with the surrounding environments.

Welding Technique

At the same time, with such welding techniques, it also has a better performance in the Tensile strength and breaks load. So it is also used a lot in the dam, water bank, or mountain slope rock falling protection. Besides, it’s anti-rust and anti-erosion ability are also quite outstanding due to this point. As a result, its service life is also quite long, nearly 15-20 years.

Raw material

Regarding its material, there are mainly two popular choices. Firstly it is the low carbon steel galvanized wire. Its tensile strength is around 350-400Mpa. It has a silver color and economical cost. This is welcomed by most areas, like Europe, Africa, the Middle – East area, Australia and so so. The other choice is the Galvan wire or so-called Zinc-Al wire. Is main difference from the common galvanized wire is its chemical composition. It has an extra 5% Aluminum element. With this difference, it has a better performance in the anti-rust property. This is always used in island countries. Because they will bear more rainy and windy days than the other countries. So they often have a higher requirement for this kind of gabion material.

We are a gabion box manufacturer and exporter and have been in this field for over 10 years. We have our gabion box factory and can meet your customization demands. Also, the delivery time and quality control will be guaranteed.




Material hot dipped galvanized wire or Galvan wire
Connection spring wires & C nails
Package pallet
Size 1*1*1 m, 1*2*1m, or the other size you required.
Opening 50*50 mm, 75*75mm, or per your requirements.
Wire diameter 3mm, 4mm, or per your requirements
Standard: ASTM A974-97 QQ-W-461H Class 3, ASTM A-641, ASTM A-90, ASTM A-185

Surface treatment


There are mainly three choices for the surface treatment: hot-dipped galvanized after welding, hot-dipped galvanized before welding and PVC coating. They are quite different in cost and physical performance:

  • Firstly, the hot-dipped galvanized before welding is more economical. But the welding point is always deposed. This one is recommended to use in the bank or dam areas to function as anti-soil protection items. This will not require a good appearance.
  • Secondly, hot-dipped galvanized after welding. In this case, the mesh panel will be completely hot-dipped galvanized after the welding process. And with this, all the welding points will be covered. It will look extremely beautiful after the galvanizing process. This will be used widely in garden decoration and gabion wall construction. But its cost is higher a lot compared with the previous one.
  • Thirdly, PVC coated. With the extra Pvc coated layer, the gabion box performs better on anti-ruct. Besides, it can be any color required by customers to fit the whole building style.
welded gabion PVC coating
HD welded gabion box




  • Easy installation(installation videos and manuals)
  • High Anti- erosion performance compared with the woven gabion box
  • High tensile strength and sturdy structure
  • Modern appearance

Delivered and Loading Conditions


It will be packed in the pallet and reinforced by steel belts.  The below is the loading process.

  1. Firstly it will be packed in the pallet
  2. it will be loaded to the container according to our schedules.
  3. It will be fastened by special belts.
  4. Final checking
  5. The goods will be sent to the seaport by trailer.
Welded gabion box













Compared with the woven gabion box, the welded gabion box is quite easy to install. With prepared springs and C nails, you will find it quite easy to connect different panels to make the final metal box you need.

Here are the installation videos and manual info for your reference. You can find a detailed and clear guide here. And you will also find it quite easy to handle even you are a green hand. Besides, as a gabion box manufacturer, if special sizes, customized installation video will be made to meet your needs.

Regarding the accessories, the mattress is also used widely with the welding gabion box together to prevent soil erosion.


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