• PVC coated warehouse separation fence workshop isolated gate price for sale factory welded fence

    PVC coated warehouse separation fence workshop isolated gate price for sale factory welded fence

    Warehouse fence is also called workshop fence, workshop protection net and factory fence. It is a new type of factory protection product. Compared with traditional factory protection products, it is easier to install, has a longer service life, is beautiful, and has a medium and low price. It is suitable for large-scale use. Warehouse isolation fence is widely used in the isolation of workshop warehouses or between market stalls. It has good protection performance. The biggest advantage is...
  • Wire Mesh Slope Protection

    Wire Mesh Slope Protection

    The hexagonal wire mesh is always used as the wire mesh for slope protection. It’s widely used in the area of mountain roads, highways, railways for slope protection. It can stop the rockfall from damaging the passengers or vehicles. Compared with the gabion box with a similar function, it’s a more economical and effective choice.

  • Welded Gabion Box

    Welded Gabion Box

    Welded gabion box is a kind of stone basket which consists of pre-assembled welded mesh panels. It’s mainly for wall retaining, anti-soil erosion, garden decoration, rockfall protection.

  • Steel Bar Grating

    Steel Bar Grating

    Steel Bar Grating is a rectangular cross-section bar that is welded or bolted in many configurations to produce a bar grate as a flooring system in a variety of applications.

  • 316/314 Stainless steel customized size decorative net

    316/314 Stainless steel customized size decorative net

    Stainless steel decorative mesh is a product made of high-quality stainless steel, woven, stretched and stamped through a special process.


    Because of its unique flexibility and gloss of metal wires and metal lines, it is widely used in museums, exhibition halls, cultural centers, stadiums, opera houses, high-end brand flagship stores, star hotels, cafes, shopping plazas, villas, Facades, partitions, ceilings and high-end interior and exterior decoration of office buildings and other buildings.

    It has the unique flexibility and gloss of metal wires and metal lines, and the colors of the curtains are changeable. Under the refraction of light, the imagination space is infinite, and the beauty is in sight. Better meet the designer’s requirements for style and personality.

  • Sport Court Chain Link Fence

    Sport Court Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fencing is the most popular choice for the sport court confinement, such as the basketball court. With its woven opening and black or green color, it looks good and can stop the ball from going outside.

  • Gabion Wall

    Gabion Wall

    The Gabion wall is a kind of gabion box mainly for garden decoration. It can be customized to kinds of sizes to meet your garden designs. Same as the standard gabion box, it’s made from low carbon steel wire. And as to the surface treatment, it’s hot-dipped galvanized after welding. With this finish, the welding point will also be in a galvanized situation. The whole box will be in silver color. As the gabion, wall, it will be filled with stones or rocks to form the strong wall. Nowadays, it become more and more popular in decoration work all over the world.

  • Double Wire Fence/Twin Fece

    Double Wire Fence/Twin Fece

    Double wire fence, also called twin wire fence, is one kind of anti-climb fencing. Different from the common welded wire fence with one horizontal wire and vertical wire, it has two horizon wires and one vertical wire. This makes the mesh panel quite strong and sturdy a lot and hard to be cut off. At the same time, this special design on structure makes it more stable than the common mesh panel. Therefore, it will also enjoy a longer service life. This fencing is quite popular in European and Australian markets.

  • Galfan Hexagonal Gabion Box

    Galfan Hexagonal Gabion Box

    Galfan Hexagonal gabion box is the gabion box made from galfan material. Its main difference from the standard one is the chemical composition(5% aluminum and 95% zinc). The unique 5% Alu makes it performs better in anti-rust nature.

  • Fixed Knot Deer Fence

    Fixed Knot Deer Fence

    Farm fence/farm fence/deer fence/cattle panels/grass fence is the best solution for large farm protection. It’s low cost and has moderate protection effects. It’s quite popular in agriculture uses around the world. It’s made from low-carbon steel through woven techniques. And its surface treatment is always hot-dipped galvanized(zinc content: Min 245 gsm). In this case, it has a good performance in anti-rust.

  • Gabion Wire – Philippines Market

    Gabion Wire – Philippines Market

    Woven gabion box (gabion baskets, gabion fence, gabion mattress, gabion mesh, stone basket)is made from low carbon steel wire through the woven techniques. It is always used in water construction with rocks, stones, gravels, or concrete-filled inside for anti-erosion, bank protection.

  • Gabion Mattress

    Gabion Mattress

    The Gabion mattress is a type of wire basket placed in rivers, lakes, and oceans to slow down or redirect the flow of water. And can also be found in gardens, landscape architecture, and civil engineering.  They have numerous applications but are most commonly used in flood control. They are used to redirect the natural flow of water in rivers, they protect the river banks from erosion and help increase water inflow into irrigation channels.

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